Shipping to Afghanistan

Shipping to Afghanistan

Despite its turbulent historical evolution of the country, Afghanistan is progressing solidly to the reconstruction of its infrastructure and modernization opens up exciting business prospects. While the majority of shippers stops at the border with Pakistan, Parsimpex guarantees deliveries of locations considered difficult, putting destinations as Kabul, Kandahar, Herat, Mazar el Sharif, Camp Bastion, etc. within the reach of European companies

Shipping to Afghanistan

Afghanistan road freight shipments

Transport services with booking full truck feasible for both categories standard ADR. The means available have a maximum capacity of 20.000kg

Shipping service reservation reefer truck I compete. The best choice for carrying all those goods whose delicacy requires temperature control, by the frozen food to pharmaceuticals. The means available have a maximum range of 20000kg

Parsimpex organizes regular transportation by air from all the European Community until the airports Afghans currently available, Kabul and Kandahar, with particular care in the follow up of all the stages of transport on arrival from the withdrawal, including the stage of issuance of the export customs documents.

Parsimpex organizes multimodal transport ship + truck via the port of Bandar Abbas (Iran) for all sites in Afghanistan serve. Shipments are followed in every detail, from the placement of the container with sea freight, our staff at the port provides a full service customs transit, transshipment and forwarding from Bandar Abbas to all the major cities of Afghanistan. If the transit time is not your primary focus our multimodal service can be an efficient tool to reduce transportation costs for Afghanistan.