Shipping to Russia

Shipping to Russia

Parsimpex organizes shipments to all major Russian destinations in a quick and efficient way, reaching all major areas with TIR or airport customs.

Years of experience in the trucking industry, make us your trusted choice for all shipments between the European Union and Russia.


Russia road freight shipments

Groupage shipments with multiple weekly departures from our warehouse and possibility, on request, to collect with trucks of the international line. We deliver regularly both standard and ADR goods.

Transport services with full truck booking feasible for both categories standard and ADR.

Transport services by full truck at controlled temperature.

Parsimpex realizes air transport from all the European Community to all Russian airport customs, with special care for all stages of transportation, from inland collection to issuing of export customs documents.

The service by sea for Russia is available to the ports of St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk and Sochi in the following ways: - FCL- Fullcontainer Load: transport service with inland carriage and full container ocean freight