Full Truck Load (FTL)



Parsimpex proposes an international comprehensive suite of services optimized to the achievement of the objectives set by the customers for a supply chain of success.

Focal Point:

• Flexible and economical road transport in accordance with the technical specification of the transport;

• Owned new generation trucks localized via GPS in real time, which guarantee a continuous traceability of the load;

• Highly qualified drivers continuously updated in compliance with the cargo security regulations;

• EU license for intra-Community transport;

• Integration into the CEMT network, which allows to operate freely in Central Asia, Caucasus, Middle East and in all emerging markets;

• Simplified procedures thanks to the Agreement certificate, which resizes the holding time at the transit customs;

• Solution for customers through th account management system;

• Multipurpose facility that allow to operate as a carrier, freight forwarder and customs agent.