Road Freight



Trust PSX CARGO Group, Europe's premier authority on Full Truck Load services, for your logistics needs in the challenging territories of the Middle East and Central Asia. Leveraging over 20 years of unparalleled expertise in temperature-controlled transportation, we are your most reliable ally in navigating intricate logistics landscapes. Our owned trucks, equipped with cutting-edge GPS technology and fortified by essential certifications like AEOF and Carnet TIR, ensure secure and efficient transportation services. Validated by CEMT and EU licenses, we are your specialist in addressing logistics in 'At Risk' and difficult-to-reach areas, converting potential challenges into seamless solutions. Choose PSX CARGO Group, where we pave the way for the successful transit of your commercial projects in the most demanding regions.

Experience unmatched logistical prowess with PSX CARGO Group, the leading name in Europe for comprehensive ground consolidation services spanning Central Asia and the Middle East and vice versa. We offer seamless door-to-door collection and delivery, coupled with unparalleled expertise in customs handling, backed by guaranteed weekly departures. As undisputed specialists in the field, we stand as perhaps the only viable alternative in the market, boasting services fortified by vectorial liability. Choose us as your trusted partner in navigating the complex landscapes of logistics, elevating your shipping experience to unprecedented heights. Trust in our expertise to revolutionize your logistics solutions in the most challenging territories.

Undisputed specialists in temperature-controlled transportation between Europe and the most challenging and unreachable areas of the Middle East and Central Asia, PSX CARGO Group boasts over 20 years of expertise in the field. Rely on our state-of-the-art refrigerated trucks, equipped with real-time GPS temperature monitoring, to ensure the safe and precise delivery of perishable shipments and pharmaceutical products. Whether it's facilitating missions in difficult territories or delivering crucial supplies to remote areas, our extensive experience stands as a testament to our capability to handle even the most complex logistical demands with finesse. Reach out to us for real-time tracking and tracing solutions that meet the stringent demands of at-risk and difficult regions, securing the integrity and timely delivery of your cargo.

Turn to PSX CARGO Group for specialized ADR transport solutions. Our experienced team, proficient in handling nearly all ADR classes, guarantees the safe and secure transportation of hazardous materials to even the most inaccessible regions of Central Asia and the Middle East. Leveraging a fleet of ADR-compliant trucks and certified personnel, we ensure adherence to stringent regulations, making seemingly challenging shipments feasible and streamlined with us. Entrust us with your ADR transportation needs, where safety and compliance are our utmost priorities.

Experience the unparalleled logistics solutions of the PSX CARGO Group for your oversized and over-gauge transportation needs. We are the masters in crafting meticulous route and load surveys, facilitating door-to-door transport services even in traditionally inaccessible regions of Central Asia and the Middle East. Bridge the gap between you and the most remote corners of Central Asia and the Middle East with our seasoned expertise and innovative approaches. Let us redefine your shipping expectations, connecting you with the furthest reaches of Central Asia and the Middle East.