Company Profile

PARSIMPEX - Delivers Smart Solution

Parsimpex boasts a great many years of experience in the transport and logistics sector, infinite solutions customized and tailored to the customer's needs. Since 2001 it provides services in EU and Non-EU countries as:

  • Carrier
  • Freight Forwarder
  • Custom Agency
  • Logistic Terminal

with particular regard to those countries considered "at risk" where few can access (Caucasus, Central Asia, CIS Area, Middle East Balkans).



"TIME IS MONEY"it is no longer just a proverb for the rich but, given the change in pace and lifestyle worldwide, it has become a saying applicable to everyone's life.

We cannot afford dispersions; this is why Parsimpex has concentrated its utmost efforts on implementing the computerization of production processes and integrating all transport-related services into a single structure, so that each shipment is monitored without slowing down from start to finish.


  • To provide all our customers with high quality transportation services.
  • Invest in our employees to provide better growth in the services provided.
  • Priority in ensuring the maximum safety of each work procedure.
  • Investing in technology in order to provide increasingly efficient, reliable and economical services.
  • Always reach the highest industry standards.

Our talents

Always one step ahead

Competitive Rates

ALWAYS COMPETITIVE GROUPAGE RATES Result of a constant policy of increasing volumes.


Acceptance of mini-consolidated companies from other shippers, so that the shipper can optimize their costs and therefore increase revenues.

Online tools

Innovative online tools available to customers. Each customer is provided with a Username and Password with which he can interact directly with the central server of the network from a simple browser, to access the following services: Rates Calculator order confirmation on the web Tracking and Tracing control of your credit line

Over 15 years of experience

A story made of professionalism! Parsimpex has been present on the international shipping market for over 10 years. The experience and professionalism gained over this long period are our greatest value, unattainable for many… if not for everyone. For us, this immense value is not a point of arrival, but a continuous stimulus to further improve to better satisfy our customers.

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